5 Ridiculous Insults Randomly Generated Online That Perfectly Describe Donald Trump

Insane Donald Trump thinks he has "the best words" but the Internet begs to differ
  1. "Trump is an irredeemably parasitic nincompoop and a maladjusted sheep-molesting mass of existential impotence."
  2. "Trump is a frightfully salacious menace and a narcissistic odiously suffocating derelict whose birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory."
  3. "Trump is an outrageously lascivious oaf and a loathsome all-defiling manifestation of contraceptive personality."
  4. "Trump is a devilishly loathsome prostitute and a gluttonous heart-sickening sub-literate simple minded mental midget."
  5. "Trump is an unconscionably debauched idiot and a preposterous nose-picking menace to, not only society, but all living creatures."