bc we've all had one too many the night before you really had something to do the next day
  1. Advil
    Three at minimum. They haven't killed me yet...
  2. Chugging water
    Careful, water tends to sit on your stomach and could have adverse effects
  3. Blue gatorade
    Any gatorade really, but my sister swears by cool blue
  4. Beer
    Yes, believe it or not, hair of the dog is your best bet for hangover bliss (is that even a thing?)
  5. Coffee
    It might not make you feel better, but at least you won't be dragging ass all day
  6. Horseradish
    Shit will clean you out
  7. Something greasy
    Coat your stomach and feel nauseous no more!
  8. Eating your way through the hangover
    Best case scenario: when your hangover turns you into a bottomless pit
  9. Smoking the Devil's Lettuce 🍁😈
    Or so I've heard...
  10. NOT writing lists
    I repeat, do not write a list. Your poor brain won't be able to handle it, it's got too much other shit to worry about. Oh god, someone please find me a bucket
  11. Blowfish!
    Believe it or not, this shit works! Call it the placebo effect, but I don't care! Stop trying to shatter my illusions, they're all I have!
  12. Hashbrowns
    They're not heavy but they have about the same amount of grease as a team of mechanics
    Suggested by @shaunamitchell
  13. Shower
    Getting clean will actually make you feel better. Something about wallowing in your own filth tends to make the hangover linger...
    Suggested by @shaunamitchell
  14. Sleep
    When all else fails, a nap will gently caress you into a silent dream world where hangovers don't exist and bottomless mimosas rain down from on high
    Suggested by @shaunamitchell