@shaunamitchell and I just moved into a new apartment, and it was my job to set up the gas. I called in and got a monotone customer service rep... this were the topics we discussed
  1. I moved!
    Now can you please move my gas account to my new address
  2. Am I taking any gas appliances with me?
    People do that?
  3. Where's the new address
    About two blocks away from the old one
  4. My rep's vacation
    He went to Carolina beach, which is located in North Carolina (no idea why it's not north Carolina beach), he was there for ten days and the weather was perfect. 90 degrees on the last day...
  5. "Spring seems to be holding on"
    Yes, yes it does. Considering, you know, it is spring...
  6. The fact that I'm going to Florida for a weekend in June
    I'm a traditionally trained journalist, building rapport is in my nature. I had to give the guy something.
  7. The fact that the only time I've been to NC it was to go to Wrightsville beach
    And we also talked about the famous hotdogs stand here... which, oh boy, opened up a can of worms
  8. Is the gas currently on at my apartmenr
    Yes, please switch that to my account and back date the billing to the first of may, thanks!
  9. "There's the best hamburger stand in Carolina beach"
    It's a hole in the wall!
  10. The BBQ joint that didn't live up to the hype
    He said the meat was too salty, but the fried chicken was LIT
  11. "I hate it when places don't live up to the hype"
    You mean like Frank Peppes Pizza in CT? Yeah, that's right, I went there
  12. How if he likes smoked meats he should try The Walrus and the Carpenter
    Damn my natural instinct to converse with strangers about anything and everything... I've become my father
  13. Ohio has a great food scene
    Did you know SoConn Gases customer service center is in Ohio? I sure as shit didn't
  14. Is he excited about the Cavs?
    He's not really into the NBA... go Buckeyes!
  15. "OK sir, you're all set up, you have a good day now"
    I'll have a good day when I can get that hour of my life back... but all in all it was a very (odd) pleasant experience.