California Beach Walk

A beach walk this morning. I use my walks as a moving meditation to notice all kinds of things that I may normally miss.
  1. Abalone might just be the most beautiful thing made in the ocean.
  2. Marine layer.
    They call it May Gray or June Gloom around these parts.
  3. Erosion looking fly.
  4. Me and my pink hat.
  5. Pelicans on point with their V-formation.
  6. See those footprints?
    They're mine. Walked this beach for 2-hours and didn't see another human. Introvert paradise.
  7. Low tide reveals.
  8. Orange rock doing its thing away from all the gray/brown ones.
  9. Hole in the wall—so many puns here that I'll choose to forgo.
  10. Private, secret beach. You could run around here naked, skinny dip, or run around in circles and no one is the wiser.
  11. Finds.
  12. That Pacific, she's a tease.
    Fun fact: the closer the air and water temperature are the warmer the ocean feels. Today it was lovely.