I've been teaching yoga for over a decade in an area where a lot of celebrities live and no one bothers them.
  1. John Corbett
    He was a regular for about a year. Would always put his mat in the back corner. All the girls in class would get giddy when he was there. He still works out at the gym a lot to prepare for movie roles, etc. and he's super friendly and jovial to everyone.
  2. Pink
    She introduced herself before class as "alica" and wanted to talk all about the books she was reading and what the other students were reading. She was sweet and engaging and no one in class even acted like they knew who she was (even though they all did). After class she asked me for the name of a song on my playlist.
  3. Olivia Newton John
    She came with a friend. After class she approached me and introduced herself as "Olivia" and said how much she enjoyed the class. I didn't realize who it was until my students informed me. In my defense, I'm not a big Grease fan.
  4. Bo Derek
    She is John Corbetts girlfriend so they would come together on occasion. Such a lovely woman. She introduced herself before class and said "hi, I'm Bo." Still a total 10.
  5. Cheryl Ladd
    She hung out in the back and her friend who brought her to class later asked me if I "knew who that was." I was so young when the orginal Charlie Angels aired on TV, I didn't recognize her.