Hot Springs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Deep in the belly of the California mountains there are natural hot springs. Lots of them. 🌲🐿⛰
  1. Little Eden
    Once you're in, you get dramatic views of two snowy peaks.
  2. The Reeds
  3. Old Pedro
    The hottest of all the springs. It will make you sweat and your heart rate will go up. And while you soak you can stare at the gushing river and wonder why Southern CA is about to spontaneously combust from drought.
  4. The Reeds again
    Not warm enough for my liking.
  5. Iodine Springs
    My kids deemed this one "just right" not too hot, not too cold.
  6. The cold dipping pool
    In the river adjacent to Iodine Springs.
  7. Mud Bath Springs
  8. An outhouse surrounded by ferns.
    Even something as nasty at an outhouse looks downright magical out here.
  9. Green meadows
    What you walk through to get to the springs
  10. Where to find this paradise.