1. The moving of your body from place to place via a car, a plane, a train, or a boat.
    It's exhausting and boring as hell.
  2. Falling in love with a new place, a new land, a new people so much you want to say "fuck it" to your life back home.
    I spent a month in Costa Rica and now, 15-years later I daydream at least once a week about moving down there to begin anew with my husband and kids.
  3. Being homesick.
    I'm usually so immersed when I travel that I rarely get homesick. But sometimes you just want that sweet embrace of your own bed. And your favorite burrito from the taco shop on the corner.
  4. Being the exotic foreigner.
    Going so deep into a land that people haven't seen a human like you. My friend Matt went to China and traveled to a village where they'd never seen someone with blue eyes. He said he felt like a rock star and an alien.
  5. Being embarrassed to be American.
    When people you are traveling with aren't respectful of other cultures. Or seek out the nearest McDonald's instead of trying the native cuisine. Or act entitled. Or talk way too loud or aggressively. Or don't try to even learn "please" or "thank you" in the native tongue.
  6. Buddhists say: looking for extraordinary experiences outside of daily activities is like brushing aside waves to look for water.
    So when I want to plan that trip to Bali/Guatemala/Barcelona/Japan but don't have the time/money/ I console myself with this nugget of Buddhist wisdom and try to be amazed by the everyday wonders of being alive.