Inspired by @Bourdain
  1. Women who say "woo" enthusiastically
    The mysophonia is real.
  2. Yoga students who think I'm their therapist
    Please pay someone to tell about your {divorce, death, creative block, addiction, erectile dysfunction}.
  3. Dudes being Bros.
  4. Living in San Francisco
    It used to be fun until Facebook cash ruined it.
  5. Chicks in crop tops contorting themselves on IG and calling it yoga
    You seen one; you seen em all.
  6. Hipsters
    The beards are hot though. I've always got time and paitence for a good beard.
  7. Fake boobs.
    When will the pendulum swing back to natural? Enough already ladies with inserting plastic bags into your chest and claiming "I did it for myself". Let's let these bodies we all live in be perfect and beautiful just as they are.