Been teaching yoga 15-years in coastal California
  1. Cell phones: leave them in the car, in airplane mode, or off.
    One lady took a non-urgent call during class and chatted away while everyone else shot her the most un-yogic side eye. I asked her nicely to take her call outside and she shrugged and got up.
  2. Don't hit on the teacher.
    She's not interested.
  3. Bath & Body Works Lotions
    Lest you want everyone in class gagging on your scented body creams please come to class unadorned with manufactured smells. Looking at you Axe body spray users. Anyone who thinks "I'll just put a little perfume on before yoga" please spare our olfactory organs. As a teacher I would much rather smell BO or musty humans.
  4. Guys: please throw on some underwear under those athletic shorts
    I've seen way too many scrotum hanging every which way as I adjust students
  5. If You're Late
    Please don't let the door slam as you tip-toe into class. And try not to snap your mat open, unroll it quietly.
  6. It's not a competition
    Crossfit it ain't
  7. You're missing out on the best part of class if you bail on savasana at the end
    It changes your brain wavelength to a slower level and helps your nervous system replenish
  8. If you're new to yoga.
    Always go early and introduce yourself to the teacher before class and try to place your mat near the front of the class so you can see.
  9. Yes, you can get a copy of my "rad playlist"
    Find me on Spotify.
  10. Feedback
    Don't be shy about giving your teacher feedback about what you loved about class and maybe what you didn't. It's always good to hear how you're being received.