1. BARFLY. A glorious debauched & heartfelt look into the seedy beer soaked world of Charles Bukowski. One of Mickey Rourke's best performances, with a ravaged but beautiful Faye Dunaway, the film captures the old dive bar culture of LA in fascinating & haunting ways. They may be alcoholics slowly dying but they are very much alive
  2. SOME GIRLS. A gorgeously designed and shot romantic comedy that upends conventions. A very young (and funny) Patrick Dempsey and Jennifer Connelly star along with a very naked Andre Gregory. There are lots of surprises and earned moments of warmth, and while you think you know where it's going you really don't, and that's why it works.
  3. MIAMI BLUES. A sexy, colorful, odd, humorous and dark love story starring a incredibly thin Alec Baldwin as a cocky-- possibly psychotic-- definitely charming criminal along with a dazzling Jennifer Jason Leigh-- who radiates off the screen in one of my fav performances ever
  4. LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN. Another brilliant Jennifer Jason Leigh performance in a totally different sort of movie. A dark, twisted and haunted tale of the tough, battered denizens of a pre hipster Red Hook, Brooklyn. Not for the feint of heart. But powerful.
  5. MODERN ROMANCE. My favorite Albert Brooks movie-- it's a deeply funny look at dating in LA in the early 80s. Neurotic and knowing, this movie has many of my favorite comedy scenes committed to film. It also has heart and sadness and a neat subplot about the B-movie business.
  6. ENEMIES: A LOVE STORY. This is a great film, and the time to reconsider it is now. Paul Mazursky's funny, smart, tragic period love triangle, stars an indelible Angelica Huston, a never better Ron Silver and the gorgeous and haunted Lena Olin. There's so much sadness and so much comedy and it always surprises.
  7. THE VANISHING. At the time this was considered one of the scariest films of the era- mostly for the shocking ending. But it's the opening that's really terrifying & the film builds from there. It's a great twisted character story with a black heart at its center. Weirdly remade in US by the same director, the original Dutch version still haunts
  8. THE BIG BLUE. Before Luc Besson got lost in the action-film money making machine he was a beautiful director & this large scale absolutely beautiful looking drama about 2 men who battle to be the best free diver is my fav of his films. A larger then life Jean Reno tears up the screen, Jean Marc Barr and Rosanna Arquette round out the triangle
  9. THE CHOCOLATE WARS Keith Gordon directed this smart and twisted movie about a boys Catholic school. I haven't seen it in years, but I remember loving it, and I'm gonna watch tonight! Co-starring Jenny Wright who I loved in a slew of films in that era and who then disappeared without a trace from the screen
  10. UNDER FIRE. A compelling character based drama/thriller about war reporters in Nicaragua who get in too deep Nick Nolte is really mesmerizing, and ferocious. Gene Hackman in a supporting role does his usual stellar work. And Joanna Gleason breaks hearts all around. The score by the great Jerry Goldsmith is as memorable as anything he ever wrote.