1. The New Yorker bookstore. This was at 89th and broadway and had a small magazine/smoke shop on first floor and a large bookstore up some spiral stairs. I went every Saturday with my dad. It was heaven. There was also a movie theatre next door where I saw Apocalypse Now. Both are now gone.
  2. Coliseum books. The was on 57th and broadway and had huge movie book selection. I basically lived there in college. Gone.
  3. Shakespeare and Co. The upper west side one where they filmed Where Harry Met Sally. This was a poor substitute in my opinion when they closed The New Yorker--But wow, it would be great if it still existed now. Gone.
  4. St. Marks books. I used to love to browse the art and photography bools--Catching forbidden glimpses of arty nudes. Gone.
  5. The Strand. The last one standing. If this motherfucker closes, they might as well close the whole island.