1. CHINATOWN. Roman Polanski directs this dizzyingly sordid, scrumptiously complex, ode to the LA of our cinematic memory. Mixing the beauty of a lush studio picture with a 70s cynicism that darkens ones soul, it's romantic, genuinely mysterious, deeply sad, and a damn near perfect love letter to Hollywood & the broken dreams that fill every corner.
  2. THE LIMEY. This short fuse of a film is lit bright at the start and never goes out. Yes, it's about revenge and death and dastardly doings, but it's also about filmmaking. Soderbergh subverts everything & in the process gives us what we desperately want : A mystery darker then night and bright as the sunniest LA day.
  3. LA CONFIDENTIAL is as dark as a citywide blackout, but filled with humor, rage and a healthy dose of film-noir-fucked-up-ness. It's a thrilling, deeply intelligent love letter to Kenneth Anger Hollywood lore. It's a warm blast of the windy Santa Anas, blowing the lid off the faded facade of a perfect Hollywood that never was
  4. THE THIRD MAN. From the deeply intriguing mystery at its heart- to the shadowy Harry Lime running for his life in the sewers of post war Amsterdam, to the most perfect ending of any film ever, this tense, mysterious & romantic picture pulls no punches. And if there's a better written scene then Welles & Cotton on the Ferris Wheel I'd like to see it
  5. SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS This is a scathingly funny, deeply quotable, smorgasbord of noir cynicism. Director Alexander Mackendrick, DP James Wong Howe and writers Lehman and Odets keep the film's edge as razor sharp as the pace. This firecracker of a movie sings a broadway melody of desperation and rage.