1. There Will Be Blood. Had my dad still been alive I'm sure he would have been deeply impressed with this. He loved dark stories of the American dream. Chinatown was one of his favorites and this is sort of a prequel to it.
  2. A Most Violent Year. This movie was made for my dad--Not only would he have loved the way NYC was depicted in the early 80s he would have dug Oscar Issac way of digging deep into the complex heart of his character. My dad was a complex heart of a character.
  3. Two Lovers. I'm not sure he would have sought this out himself (though the "lovers" part of title might have peeked his dirty mind) but I would have recommended James Grey's dark haunting yet fully alive and fully under rated masterpiece.
  4. The immigrant. Again the old New York thing would have really made my dad happy. Along with being an artist, loan shark, gambler, antique appraiser and ruffian he was a NYC historian and lover of dark tales of the city's past. Plus he would have been in love with Marion Cotillard.