1. ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN. This was the first movie I remember where I felt privileged to be invited with the adults. Saw it at Tower East on E 71st and then sat and listened for 2 hours as my parents and their friends dissected it at dinner. I still love that movie.
  2. ROCKY. I saw this at the Orpheum on E 86. I was with my parents and I remember standing and cheering at end. I also remember standing and cheering watching the oscars in my parents bedroom that year when it won. Movie still holds a soft spot and it's a brilliant first screenplay.
  3. BREAKING AWAY. I saw this at the local Westport Connecticut movie theatre. Back then movies would play all summer. This is still one of my favorite films. I remember floating out of the theatre. Saw it twice
  4. EARTHQUAKE. I was 9 and pretty sure I saw this at the Ziegfeld on 54th street. I didn't understand "Sensoround" but heard that the seats would shake. I remember very distinctly checking under the seats for electronics that would shake them.
  5. STAR WARS. I saw this at the Orpheum. I didn't know much about it but I was a big Star Trek fan and figured it might be similar. I went with my parents and we sat in the very back row. My. Mind. Was. Blown.
  6. APOCALYPSE NOW. I saw this with my father at the late great New Yorker movie theatre on Broadway and 88th street. I was 14. I saw that movie and knew I had to be a filmmaker. It changed my life. That summer I bought the album. It was three records long with dialog and music. I listened every day and can still recite Martin sheens narration by heart