1. #10. THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY. when a film has a "perfume by" credit you know it's decadent and indecent. This sexy twisted tale is that & more
  2. #9. BEASTS OF NO NATION. A brutal but beautiful tale of hell on earth, full of child soldiers trying desperately to hold onto that elusive dream of youth
  3. #8. THE JINX and MAKING OF A MURDERER. Both deeply compelling, one is a doc on a killer who just can't be put in jail, the other is about an innocent who just can't keep out of jail.
  4. #7. THE BIG SHORT Fascinating , fast , funny and oddly fun story of a complicated Wall Street subject. It illuminates and infuriates.
  5. #6. This could have been brutal, instead, like its subjects it's full of heart & hurt & Batman costumes made out of cereal boxes