1. #15 LOVE AND MERCY music bios rarely capture those moments of inspiration that make the musicians who they are. This one did, with a sublime Paul Dano and great Elisabeth Banks
  2. #14 CARTEL LAND. Fearlessly takes you head first into the world of Mexican drug cartels. It's vital stuff told with a steady eye
  3. #13 DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL. keenly observed & original, this funny, beautifully crafted movie breaks your heart a thousand times and still leaves you lifted.
  4. #12 EX MACHINA. Deeply smart & sexy, it's a beautifully designed and crafted Kubrickian chamber piece about love and control and order and chaos.
  5. #11 STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. A big hearted win for fans who want to feel 12 years old again. There's geek love dripping off of every Jedi frame
  6. 10-5 tomorrow ...