1. 1) LA / NY for GIRLS Premiere. This was very special as we flew on the HBO private jet--because my gf @jennikonner is the exec producer of the show and HBO is very generous to their people. Stewardess seemed shocked by amount of wine consumed by our group . I blame Andrew Rannels.
  2. 2) LA / Sundance. Wish the flight actually went directly to Sundance instead of Salt Lake and landed on top of the library theatre crushing to death every CAA and WME agent secretly texting party plans during the world premiere of some young filmmakers dream project. Flew Here because Jenni and @lenadunham amazing doc ITS ME HILARY premiered
  3. 3) I'm forgetting one. It'll come to me.
  4. 4) LA / Mexico. Flew year with some friends for my birthday. I am a lucky man. Old, very. yes, but lucky
  5. 5) LA / Miami. Starring prep on a fox pilot. Went home because we pushed a week in order to get the actor we wanted
  6. 6) LA /Miami back again to prep and shoot pilot now starring Morris Chestnut. Fox will pick it up & call it -- after much debate-- it's originally title Rosewood. At one point in title panic the network will suggest "Murder, Yay!" as a title. This is true. It's so shocking that creator and I only refer to show as that for rest of shoot
  7. 7) Miami / New Orleans. I fly to meet costume designer and Morris Chestnut who is shooting a movie there. I always want to be present the first time an actor tries on his wardrobe. The studio won't pay for my flight because they don't see reason for this. I pay myself. Only pilot with no notes on wardrobe. They pay me back.
  8. 8) Miami. / New Orleans. Now we have to fly here for table read because Morris is still shooting his movie. We hear sirens as we head to dinner. Find out later it's Robert Durst being arrested 4 blocks away. More angry at missing that then I am at working two weekends in a row in a city different then the one I'm actually shooting the pilot in.
  9. 9) LA / NYC. Heading to shoot two episodes of Girls. When these episodes are done, I will have directed ten episodes of the show. Nearly a 1/5 of their output. I am indeed a lucky man.
  10. 10) NYC/LA. Home for a few days to edit my episodes of Girls.
  11. 11) NYC/TOKYO. They shot some episodes of Girls here. I went along for moral support and sushi. I watched in pure jealous rage as Jesse Peretz got to direct the hell out of the episodes. I vow to shoot something in Tokyo...
  12. 12) LA/Denver. Fly here then drive four hours to a secret wedding (it's Allison Williams wedding, I can say now) where Bruce Springsteen sings at ceremony as well as Katy Perry.
  13. 13) Wyoming/LA. Katy Perry offers us a ride home on her private plane. She is very nice indeed. @bjnovak @sophia
  14. 14) LA/ NYC. Checking in on mom as well as sneaking in a performance of HAMILTON for 2nd time
  15. 15) LA/TOKYO. In my Japan jealousy I wrote a short film. In a miracle, Lizzie Moss agreed to star in it and we shot it in December.
  16. 16) LA/PARIS/ROME one week in Rome eating drinking and causing trouble
  17. 17) ROME/SICILY. Another week in Sicily because sometimes life is beautiful.