1. Level Money
    The first time I've been able to budget and stick to it. Takes a solid 20-30 to truly set up, add bills, categorize transactions but then maintains itself.
  2. Pocket
    I wish I could save thoughts to Pocket too. When I'm busy but see something I want to read I send it to Pocket (integrated with Twitter, web browsers and iPhone bookmarks) and then next time I'm in line, waiting for someone, eating alone I catch up.
  3. Coffee Meets Bagel
    Dating app that doesn't require a ton of effort or time. No, it isn't just for Jews. Yes, I met my boyfriend there. No, he isn't Jewish.
  4. Spotify
    Half my budget no longer goes to iTunes downloads. I know you can download for free but my dad is a lawyer and I have Jewish guilt about doing illegal things.
  5. WhiteNoise
    Best sleep of my life with a fake fan in the background. Also great for drowning out neighbors and sleeping in hotel rooms
  6. Sunrise
    First calendar app that syncs google and exchange without tons of duplicates. I'm now married to my calendar.
  7. FitBit
    I got one. I walk more places. I track my water intake. I am able to push myself more physically and measure progress. It makes me happy.
  8. Overcast
    Podcasting app that is pretty and supports developers. I could use the apple one but I'm a rebel and it is pretty.