I could go on and on and on about this. I am not actually important, I just am particular about my travel and am on the road for weeks at a time in the fall. @sally and I talk about how important I am constantly.
  1. Take the earlier flight
    If there are cancelations there will be more flights. If there are delays you have some time buffered in.
  2. Never connect through SFO
    Always fog delays. Always. And you don't get vouchers for weather delays.
  3. Land in day light
    I prefer getting my bearings in a new city, especially when I'm driving, when it is light out.
  4. Avoid valet at hotels
    That probably means you're outside the city but I HATE getting permission to use my car or grab something out of it. I also get embarrassed by what is in there (trash, snacks, etc)
  5. Stay by things that make life better for you
    I choose hotels based on proximity to a Starbucks and a Whole Foods (or regional equivalent). Easy to grab coffee in the morning before work starts and easy to grab dinner on the go to take back to the hotel.
  6. Stay near the highway
    I do lots of driving on my work trips so being close to a freeway saves lots of time.
  7. Get TSA Pre✅
    $85 but not having to take off my shoes and jacket or remove my laptop is worth it. It's good for 5 years so if you fly a lot it pays for itself. Best at large airports.
  8. Avoid families and people who don't travel a lot
    Families have lots of stuff. People who don't travel a lot look low maintenance until you realize they have on belts and rings and half their life is in their pocket. Pre check helps a lot with avoiding this though.
  9. Take a car charger and AUX cord
    Using maps on your phone drains the battery and not having your own music/podcasts is sad. Rental car companies overcharge for GPS anyway.
  10. Get over your fear of eating alone
    Being away from home is exhausting but a nice meal or two out each week gives you something to look forward too. It's also much easier to get into restaurants as a party of one.
  11. Get over your fear of doing things alone
    Explore where you are. Do you see people wearing a gear from a certain store or place a lot? Check it out. What's the city known for? Go. Get a lay of the land!
  12. Go to the grocery store
    Keep water and some snacks in your room. Also chocolate.
  13. Research
    Is their Eater for that city? A best of list? I always have a few reservations made and weekend points of interest to visit before I get there. Try to live like a local!