are there any trainers on here? This my personal style. I know plenty of people who want to be yelled at and shamed. More power to them.
  1. Knows how to count
    You're whole "10 SECONDS LEFT!! 10 :beat: :beat: 9 :beat: :beat: 8 etc" thing isn't fooling me. If we have 30 seconds left just count down from 30. There were no beats when I learned to count in Pre-K but what do I know I'm from the valley.
  2. Knows this isn't the armed forces
    If I wanted to get screamed at I'd join the military ok? I'm not here to defend our country and all the lululemon only reinforces that. I'm here to sweat so I can complain to my gurlz afterward about how chic spin is getting.
  3. Meets me where I am
    I'm never going to look like you, ok? I just want to be able to take off my clothes in front of my doctor without worrying a lecture will follow. I don't want to be a bone crusher so take it easy here. You don't need to feature me on your Instagram as a plug for your services, you have plenty other models for that.
  4. Pushes me
    The above point said, I'm not here to waste time or money. Remind me I love bagels and tell me to sweat a little more.
  5. Corrects me in a supportive way
    Barre and yoga classes aren't my thing. My body isn't flexible and I don't understand anything you say but I am trying. When you come to help me, throw in a "you're doing great!" or "looking good!" afterward. Make me feel like I'm not an imposter in the class.
  6. Doesn't stare at me the whole time
    If I wanted to be stated at all the time odds are my body would already be bangin and I wouldn't even be here in the first place.
    I know how long it takes to count to 15 DO NOT TEST ME