All developed with affection and respect. @sally, @lakatz and I take this stuff seriously. Not all guys get to the 'refer by real name' stage.
  1. Chola (2003)
    High school boyfriend I had no business dating. We had nothing in common. He had interesting facial hair. Once I found a brass knuckles and an air gun in his glove compartment. My parents were not fans.
  2. Broken VCR (2004)
    @sally and I came up with this whilst en route to a @john Mayer concert when we were 17. Not ideal to have your first love be an obsolete technology that can't be repaired
  3. Asshole Island (200...?)
    This nickname developed into an island we verbally send assholes to.
  4. Yeti (2007)
    I did not call him this but a few friends did. He was very tall and sometimes seen as intimidating. Also had facial hair.
  5. The Marine (2010)
    Self explanatory
  6. Sneakers (2012)
    He wore unfortunate ones but it was endearing
  7. Bagel (2013)
    Met him on Coffee Meets Bagel. We were never serious so he was never referred to by a real name.
  8. Mountain Man, MD (2013)
    Only a few dates but great alliteration. He was a surgeon and also did things like live in Alaska and visit Patagonia.
  9. Nice Nate (2014)
  10. New Bagel (2015)
    Now known as @yesthatdavid