➕➕favorite Womens Underwear Brands ➕➕

People don't talk about comfortable and practical undergarments enough 😳👯💋
  1. Commando
    No underwear lines. Very comfortable. $20. Only come in S/M or M/L.
  2. Honeydew
    Cute and sexy without being impractical. Not cheap but often found at Nordstrom Rack or on sale.
  3. Hanky Panky
    Revolutionary lace thongs. Soft and easy to wear but I find in tight or light colored clothing you can see the lace.
  4. Gap Body
    I love Gap Body. Affordable. Practical. Reliable. Their T-shirt bras are also a staple of mine. And they do their own versions of every other popular brand which will save you some $$...but they won't be as soft.