Fun Facts About My Cats 🐱

Omg this is my favorite I love Mack and Button so much and have so many pictures of them.
  1. They are fraternal brothers and also have another brother and sister they were rescued with
  2. They love each other lots
  3. Button loves laying on my shoes. He has attacked my flip flop and Toms as well before loafing on them.
  4. Mack sleeps like this sometimes
  5. I often wake up or come home to them spooning like this taking up half the bed
  6. Mack loves my drawers
  7. Mack is appalled by computers
  8. Button was the cutest coney cone ever and I hope he never needs one again
  9. They #twin a lot
  10. When I turn on the heat they plop on the same vent together as if they've never felt warmth before
  11. They don't sleep with me. They sleep on me.
  12. Mack does this every time I get into bed.
  13. Snaggle tooth
  14. Mack got into a bag that was in a box. He is so meta.
  15. Button is a great helper when looking for the Apple remote
  16. They are lap cats
  17. Button is a Mailchimp
  18. They sit weird
  19. What even.
  20. I think they eye roll at me. I have so many pictures of them.
  21. Mack loves sleeping on purses and bags.
  22. Button still makes biscuits
  23. I mean come on.
  24. The first hour I adopted them. You can barely see then they were so tiny AHHHH!!!