Has Anything You've Read on the Internet Actually Changed Your Life?

Forget the click bait. What has actually had an impact on you?
  1. Mat Honan's life being hacked and erased fascinated and scared me http://wrd.cm/1G1mHqk
  2. Hyperbole and a Half for her visual depiction of anxiety and depression http://bit.ly/1YAYH8W
  3. Oliver Sach's meditation on life, science, and nature made me ponder mortality and legacy (and cry and cry and cry): http://nyti.ms/1ivr3QW
    Suggested by   @sally
  4. Amanda Hess's Pacific Standard story about the lack of legal options for women harassed online. Staggering. Scary. Won a National Magazine award this year. Deserved it.
    Suggested by   @LAmag