The gold standard of anything and everything
  1. Nordstrom customer service
  2. Alaska Airlines baggage claim
    20 minutes or less! Insane!
  3. As comprehensive as Jerry's Famous Deli menus
    (But with better food)
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  4. California girls
    Suggested by @bobbyhundreds
  5. The VIP lounge at Tesla Palo Alto
    Suggested by @JeremyPivot
  6. ListApp
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  7. Almond joy
    I never feel like not a nut
    Suggested by @claire
  8. Brooks running sneakers
    Suggested by @jeanette
  9. Like the cool kids. Cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in.
    Suggested by @capitandmart