1. Snooze appx three times
  2. Set timer for 3-4 min to sleep more
  3. Scroll through notifications to see if anything stands out
  4. Texts
    Aka text @sally back
  5. Personal email
    Delete most of it
  6. Work email
    To see if the morning is going to be good or bad
  7. Instagram
    All the French Bulldogs
  8. Save Twitter until I'm on a computer
  9. Clash of clans
    How badly did my village get raided
  10. Facebook
    Ugh just a birthday notification and more "My baby is __ months old!" pics
  11. ListApp
  12. Dark sky
    Lulz I live in LA it's always the same
  13. Overcast
    So podcasts download before I get in the car