If you are one of those "I can't sit still on vacation!!!" kind of people, Morro Bay is not for you. If you want to chill and get a little bored, MB is a dream. @bjnovak you definitely need to explore the central coast!
  1. It's a beach town
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    Jeans and flip flops are appropriate everywhere
  2. There's a big rock
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    That's what MB is known for. It's remnants of a volcano. You can't climb it but can drive up to it.
  3. There are seals!
    Hang out along the Embarcadero along the water and you'll make some sea friends
  4. It's a small town
    I went to dinner at Pizza Port. The next day I was walking around the farmers market and a truck stopped to let me cross. I went to Pizza Port again that night (shhhh don't judge) and the same guy helped me and told me he had been the one to stop for me in the truck too. The woman that served me at Top Dog Coffee also remembered me. Don't do anything illegal here.
  5. The beach is dog friendly
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    Mostly because there's no one to enforce it any other way
  6. Rent a kayak or paddle board
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    There's a bay (no way!) so it's easy to paddle board or kayak
  7. Eat seafood
    Lots of places along the embarcadero with fresh food ranging in price and level of fancy. I've been to The Galley and Tognazzinis.
  8. Pizza Port
    Have some pizza and beer. Once I went and an acapella group from a community college befriended me. People are nice in small towns.
  9. Journey to Cayucos or SLO
    Cayucos is v similar. Brown butter cookie co, McConnells ice cream, lazing on the beach. SLO is the "big city" if you're craving that. Each is ~15 min away.
  10. Farmers Market
    On Saturdays.
  11. Dive bars
    I drank at Legends. There are others. Lots of military guys there trading stories. You learn a lot from just sitting and listening. The Libertine Pub has some craft beers.
  12. Brunch at Dorn's
    Alcohol and waffles. Yep.
  13. Salt water taffy.
    Get some.