Was here for work. Explored as much as I could. Tried to gas up my own car twice. Whoops.
  1. Had to
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    Still some old carpet in the Alaska/Horizon area
  2. Little bird
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  3. Pok pok
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  4. Salt and straw
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  5. The cabin I grew up going to
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    It's in Rhodadendron off Mt Hood. We would go and ski and exist sans TV and look at slugs and moss. My parents sold it to help pay for college. It's still there and smells the same.
  6. The zig zag river
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    Cabin was on the river. I can't think of a better names river.
  7. Purringtons cat lounge
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    AHHHHHH I WANT TO OPEN ONE. Thanks @linzamauve for making me aware!
  8. Multnomah whiskey library
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    Reservations only if you are a member
  9. Tasty n Alder
  10. Heart coffee
    No pic. Latte looked like a latte.
  11. Blue Star donuts
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  12. Weiden + Kennedy
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    @matthisamoto works there and gave me a tour it is so cool are they hiring recruiters!?