1. I had been unemployed for 6 months and getting ready to move back with my parents
  2. I was in a relationship that was *not* right and had been watching a loooot of NCIS in my funemployment.
  3. Aforementioned funemployment included 4 of the best months ever.
  4. But this was my dream job and all I wanted and Id applied before and not gotten and interview
  5. I was sick for the interview but walked out knowing that I'd done the best I could and if I didn't get it I really wasn't meant to work there.
  6. I got the offer while sitting on my couch watching NCIS. Took it without asking any questions.
    I was 24
  7. I made friends that no longer work with me and are still some of my closest friends
  8. I made mistakes and cried and learned to wear a suit well
  9. I gained confidence in my abilities but also in talking about my abilities
  10. I got to travel to places I'd never been
  11. I met amazing kids and families
  12. Some annoying ones too
  13. Even on my worst days, I felt I was making an impact
  14. I worked with professionals who were so smart. Like really smart.
  15. I worked with people very different from me and was able to expand my own perspective
  16. I was told no and had to learn to deal with it
  17. I've been in the same place as a student and employee for 7 years. That's longer than I've been anywhere since I was 18.
  18. I'm going to miss everyone.
  19. I'm going to miss everything.
  20. I am making a huge mistake.
  21. Nooooooo it's time to move forward.
  22. And do it all over again?
  23. I'm underqualified for life.
  24. I'll kill it at my new job?
  25. Send help.
  26. No! I am ok! I'm super qualified!
  27. I'll just have to make new friends and learn new things and where are the pens and what's the address here and where is the best coffee and are receipts itemized or no?
  29. But being stagnant is less than ideal.
  30. Life is hard.
  31. Card from my team
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  32. We LOL a lot
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