The things that make me kind of a weirdo. I'm sure there are more.
  1. I recycle tissues
    I have always had bad allergies and tissues can be tough to come by out in the world. If I find a tissues you can bet I'm keeping it around. I also reuse them at home because blowing my nose once doesn't mean a tissue is done so I leave it for next time. "Gross" and environmental.
  2. I have parking anxiety
    I don't care if the place has a huge parking lot. I am nervous we won't be able to get a spot. I wish places had an address and a parking address. This is usually why I am 15 minutes early everywhere. Parking.
  3. I pick at things
    Zits. Scabs. Sun burns peeling. Cuticles. My feet. Your zits. My cats nails. I don't care. I can't help it.
  4. I eat slowly
    Super slowly. You are done and I am almost half done.
  5. I smell my cats
    You know how people love how babies smell? I love how my kitties smell. They are soft and fluffy and smell calm.
  6. I don't set alarms that end with a 0 or 5
    Don't know why. Just do. If you tell me to set an alarm for 10am or 10:15, it'll be 10:02 or 10:14.
  7. I get 1-2 haircuts a year.
    They are so expensive and I'd rather be at brunch.
  8. I don't like watermelon
    People think this is weird. I do not.
  9. I don't use toilet seat covers
    Am generally not afraid of germs. Just let me pee and get out of here.