I told @ashley I wanted to do and eat all of the things. And we did.
  1. The Hop Stop
    You can get 8oz beers to maximize sampling! And we watched Luchadores on TV. Pentagon Jr beat Sexy Star! Obvi we used a Luchadores name generator. You shall now call me Los Pantalones Guapos. Or El Burrito Cansado.
  2. Sweet 16th
    Get 'one for here'. It's the breakfast sandwich. Get coffee and yes you want crack in it. Crack is concentrated coffee and sugar to sweeten it. Also got a a 'brookie' which is not a bro cookie, rather a brownie and a cookie.
  3. Crema
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    Got coffee soda. Yum.
  4. Castilleja
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    I got two cards and a Swell bottle and a mustache pacifier for the friend's baby I'm here to meet but I later found out she isn't into pacifiers and a finger puppet bc @NoahGeisel told me to put one on my Apple remote
  5. Kore
    Bought RMS Lip2Cheek!! Thanks @hillarykerr!
  6. Pangaea
    Bought dauschund socks for a friend and risky print pants for me
  7. 1000 Faces
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    My favorite store from college. A coaster, pictured
  8. Village Brewhouse
    Craft beer and local vendors. I drank Red White & You
  9. Edleys
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  10. White's Mercantile
    Bought a gift for @yesthatdavid bc I am the best
  11. Las Paletas
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    We got mini Paletas YUM
  12. Imogene + Willie
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    @ashley bought herself a pair of jeans that she very much deserves
  13. Vanderbilt Book Store
    Baby socks and a long sleeved Vandy shirt
  14. UAL
    A black shirt to go with my risky pants
  15. Five Points Pizza
    Pizza and beer dude.