1. My grocery store cashier/bagger
    Look at what I'm buying! Aren't I chill and fun!
  2. Uber driver
    If I'm with a friend I want the driver to think we are either very hip and cool or very intelligent. I will force conversation to make this happen. If I'm alone I want them to be v invested in my safe arrival home because they think I'm so endearing.
  3. One off friends of friends
    You're only in town for the weekend but I want you to remember it forever.
  4. Psychiatrists/therapists
    Once a psychiatrist told me I was a mensch and it did more than any pill he prescribed.
  5. TSA/airline personnel
    Look at me efficiently navigating literally everything! Ugh let's side eye the dude in front of me who thinks his bag is going to fit in the overhead. WE ARE CHIC TRAVELERS.