I'm at an LA high school helping out with an application bootcamp. I want to laugh and hug them all.
  1. I heard if a school gets too many applications they pick one letter of the alphabet and deny everyone whose last name starts with that letter.
    I wish. (Not really). But that'd be rather obvious and totally unethical.
  2. If your scores are too high you'll get denied. My friend got a 35 on the ACT and got denied from USC.
    Some schools may do this but they can usually tell you aren't interested in the school and are applying for kicks by other factors in the application. I can assure you that's not the reason your friend got denied from USC. But why believe me I only work there!
  3. If you don't visit you won't get in because they know you aren't really interested.
    Some schools track demonstrated interest. Others don't. They're open about it so just ask! Again, not going to be the determining factor of an application.
  4. If you apply undecided it hurts you because they want you to know what you want to do.
    Girl, you're 17. No one expects you to have it all figured out.
  5. My essay is cliche
    The topic may be, but the feelings and your internal experience through it are not.
  6. They'll only let in a certain number of kids from each high school and the other girls are smarter than I am.
    No quotas. Not a thing.