Not as solid as my Morro Bay list but here ya go @bjnovak
  1. College town
    Which means drinks are cheaper and bro tanks are a plenty
  2. High St Deli
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    It's on high street. Good beer offerings and big sandwiches. Fill out a paper form and then wait to pay until they call your name
  3. Novo
    On Higuera st. Sit outside on the river. Watch college kids on awkward dates. Food is delicious!
  4. Farmers market
    On Thursday nights on Higuera
  5. Visit CSU SLO
    They have a surfboard making shop in the student center. Big campus and v different from the urban colleges I went to.
  6. Madonna Inn
    I mean, you have to.
  7. Wineries
    Uber has a deal now where you can get one for the day to drive you around. I haven't tried yet but can think of nothing better.
  8. Paso Robles
    Not too far and is beautiful wine country
  9. Pismo Beach
    On your drive back to LA/south, stop in Pismo and go to Old West Cinnamon Rolls by the pier. Eat on the pier. Love California.
  10. Jocko's in Nipomo
    Jenuine Oak Coals Kooks Our Steaks One of the greatest restaurants in the world.
    Suggested by @Jen
  11. Sycamore Mineral Springs
    Not to stay at; just book one of their hillside hot tubs in the middle of the night. Used to be BYO, apparently they recently changed that and now you have to buy any alcohol there.
    Suggested by @Jen