Too soon is relative but still
  1. Life As We Know It
  2. The Chicago Code
  3. Pretty Wild
    That's what happens when one of the stars goes to jail... (h/t @sally)
  4. Southland
    It was on, then off, then on and then canceled with a huge cliffhanger lingering. I'll never be over it.
  5. Greek
    This was a surprisingly good show
  6. The City
    Whitney was nice and had a legit job which doesn't make for great tv but her 'friends' were cray and I loved it.
  7. Hogan Knows Best
    Brooke had a spinoff that I watched and was also canceled. Everything I love disappears.
    Tapping my third eye that you forgot this.
    Suggested by @sally
  9. The Hills
    Lauren Conrad erryday.