I missed out on a ton of cultural knowledge because we didn't watch a lot of TV in my house but these shows were actively banned
  1. Friends
    My parents and I made a deal that we'd all watch an episode together to determine if I could watch. It was the episode where Rachel and the brunette fight over the one condom left. I was in 5 grade. I said goodbye to my dreams of ever watching that show under my parents' roof.
  2. Sex and the City
    I don't think we even got HBO but when I went to a friend's to watch the series finale I lied about the show we were watching.
  3. Real World
    My parents hated this show and my dad would make me watch until the end for the writer and story credits.
  4. SVU
    I guess kind of obvious but as soon as the PLING PLING sound was heard my mother would stand in the doorway glaring at me until I changed the channel
  5. Various music videos
    My dad would come in, say "What IS this GARBAGE?", I'd be embarrassed by The Thong Song or other TRL classics and change the channel.