I suggest this book to all my girlfriends who get frustrated or in a rut with dating or their 20s
  1. “Men are way more likely to become more appealing to you over time than they are to magically grow manners.”
    So go on a second date with the nice guy who called you the next day
  2. “Your twenties are the worst part of your life that you don’t actually know at the time is terrible. Being a teenager sucks too, but you’re aware of every last second of it."
    I'm 29 and this changed my perspective.
  3. “Don’t you know that a musician who writes a song for you is like a baker you’re dating making you a cake? Aim higher.”
  4. “I was beginning to learn that long-distance relationships are an exciting, fun way for your brain to masturbate.”
  5. “The problem is that we ended up at the mercy of a generation of guys who don’t quite seem to know what’s expected of them, whether it’s earning a double income or texting someone after she blows you.”
  6. “There are plenty of nerds who fear women and aren’t sensitive, despite their marketing;”
  7. Follow what it is that you love and makes you want to be better, always. But don’t get yourself tied up with any kind of rock star—musician or not—who makes you feel like you’re not made of star stuff. Because of course you are. Give me a break.”
    Of course you are. Give. Me. A. Break.
  8. “I thought about how trivial people used to be better company to me than solitude, and how I’d finally earned the ability to shut out clutter—at least occasionally—and to leave self-sabotage to the kids who can’t enjoy being alone now and then."
  9. “I cheerfully ushered in my thirties the year that began with a cab tour of What I am Not Land with the knowledge that I can confidently pass up opportunities that don’t make sense because there’ll be better ones on the horizon, even if I have to wait."
    I don't think anyone has described someone in their 20s as patient. We should try it.