In an effort to have actual skills aside from Tweeting, I started taking sewing lessons. My mother has never been more proud.
  1. I took a machine intro class and made this simple bag
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  2. My mom bought me a sewing machine for Mother's Day.
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    She will insist she doesn't hover
  3. I messed around and made coasters
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  4. Then I took a class and made a skirt
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  5. Then a box zip bag, which I've gone CRAY making. Combining the inside and outside fabrics brings me joy
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  6. More zip bags
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  7. More
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  8. Then another class for a nicer tote bag
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  9. And made one at home that I gave to my mom
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  10. More zip bags. All the zip bags!
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  11. Finally, a tank top!!!
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    Making clothes is hard yo. But I wore it this weekend!!
  12. Then more zip bags
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    Giving a handmade gift is preeeeetty satisfying
  13. It's allowed my mom and I to have a shared interest. Something we've basically never had before.
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  14. And my cats love it too
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  15. A lot.
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  16. Okay done bragging.
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    Pillow case!! Ahh!!