Topics of Conversation Between Two Men at Happy Hour

  1. When they will start playing the baseball game on tv
  2. The VIP meet and greet Guy 1 is going to in Tempe (which he pronounces tem-peh) for the band Tool
  3. Whether or not Seaworld is imprisoning or saving animals
  4. Who I am texting
    Yo they totally caught me listing about them
  5. The WHO released a study saying 2/3 of the population has herpes
    Is this true!?! What!?
  6. Guy 2 told me lots of hashtags to use and directed this photo for me
    #wishyouwerehere #notreally #sorry
  7. Guy 2 just ordered a chicken quesadilla without the tortilla
    Not even kidding.
  8. Turns out Guy 2 works at USD and thus has to dislike me. But we speak the same language.
  9. He shows me the marketing campaign he's working on. We talk about his son. He gives me his card. He's a good guy.
  10. I switch bars because the margarita was not good and now I am drinking this with new friends at another bar.