Two Rounds of Uberpool

Going home from trivia and going to Burbank airport the next morning
  1. RITA: Miracle Mile to Mid City
    Appx 11 pm
  2. Stands outside talking to her friend as we all wait in the car even though she knows we are there
  3. Gets in and says "I'm sorry my friend is having a mental breakdown"
  4. (Correctly) redirects the driver in the opposite direction he has turned
    He will ask 'left or right?' at every turn for the rest of the ride.
  5. Texts furiously, clicking on her phone as her very long and sharpened nails tap the screen
  6. I make the mistake of asking about the cause of her friends demise
    Why did I do this. The passenger doesn't rate the other passenger. There was no need to make friends.
  7. She says she will bullet point but it turns into a rant on men and how awful they are and how good of a friend she is and emotional cheating and all the things she almost did when Brian showed up.
  8. During said rant she refers to herself as Megan. Uhhm but she responded to Rita? Are we being catfished? CatPooled?
  9. She continues to talk even though we are in front of her house. Brian took the computer and TV which WOULD NOT have happened if her friend had let her stay.
    Brian sounds questionable.
  10. Finally, she has spoken her peace and gets out, apologizing to the men in the car
  11. Uber driver, @yesthatdavid and I have a confused chuckle as driver continues to not know east from west or left from right
    I wish I could Facebook her and teach our driver to use Google Maps.
  12. JEFF: Hollywood to Van Nuys area
  13. Is waiting when we pull up. Is very surprised to see me when he opens the door.
  14. Just got off work. Well, a couple of hours ago with some 'recreational activity' from then until now
    He seems sober and fine. Kudos to you, Jeff.
  15. Is horrified that I'm going to the airport until we clarify Burbank and not LAX. He has never flown out of BUR.
    I love Burbank except the Peets line is always too much and there isn't a dedicated pre check line. Pre check gives me life.
  16. Asks where I'm flying. We all agree Seattle is great. Driver has family in Bellevue (of course) and we continue to agree that 65 and raining sounds pretty great after this weekend in LA.
  17. We drop Jeff off. He wishes me safe travels. I hope he goes straight to bed.
  18. It takes 12 minutes to get to Burbank because I hate Waze and then my bag has to be searched because I didn't take out of my laptop BECAUSE PRECHECK and the Peets line is too long. It is 615am.