This song came on on my NFG Pandota station. H/t @markhoppus
  1. Recognizing and moving on from the emotional limitations of your parents
    Or anyone. But mostly your parents.
  2. Not shaming yourself for your emotions
    You can't control em so might as well embrace em. Nothing beats a good wallow. See: Inside Out
  3. Amicable relationships with people that hurt you in the past
    Maybe even friendships. Life goes on.
  4. Making the hard choice when it's the right choice
    Turning down a job that isn't right, cutting ties with someone you care about bc there are bigger things at play, etc
  5. Being more excited for a Roomba than a new purse
  6. Cutting down on FOMO
    You don't stop getting to experience things just because you stayed home one night
  7. Treating yourself better
    Turns out drinking heavily and eating a pizza 6/7 nights isn't so sustainable. Ahhh college.
  8. Finding meaning in new things
    I don't get As on papers anymore sooo how do I get pats on the back? Relationships, friendships, creating things, helping people?