You have failed this city! Gender doesn't determine, personality does. Specific incarnations are denoted by ().
  1. Dan- Star Lord and Ant Man (Scott Lang)
    Wise cracking, suave, athletic individuals who enjoy music, quipping and leading others when needed. All three are natural leaders and care for the welfare of their team/friends.
  2. Hayley- Daisy Johnson aka Skye/Quake and Agent Peggy Carter
    All three are very outright about their beliefs and can be guarded, but usually end up winning an argument or kicking ass if someone goes against them. They act differently/ more open with the people closest to them and are less forthcoming or relaxed around those they don't trust.
  3. Franki- Jessica Jones
    Both possess very dark senses of humor and are very sarcastic. They display more emotion to those who they care for and stand up for their point of view intensely. They don't let people's opinions bother them or get in the way of their goals
  4. Catie- Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and Melinda May
    "My way, or the highway" all three are very stubborn, independent, intense but caring individuals who like to do things themselves and try not to rely on others too much. They can be intense emotionally but display their feelings to those they trust.
  5. Lee- Groot
    Tall, fun loving and constantly finding a new way to be spontaneous or get into trouble. However, both are loyal to their friends reliable when things get explosive
  6. Ben- Spiderman
    Both are witty and constantly a nuisance to keep others off balance, but also can be very quiet and keep to them selves. Both usually do the right thing, but can get into trouble also.
  7. Izzy- Speedy/Red Arrow (Thea Queen/Mia Dearden)
    Fun loving, jokesters who can equally be sassy and witty to anyone they want. Both can go between cool under pressure to total freakout depending on the situation. But both defend what they believe in fiercely and stick up for those they care about with enthusiasm.
  8. Jeremy- The Flash (Barry Allen)
    Both are everyday guys who are well liked by everyone and stand up for usually doing the right thing. They keep situations light hearted without drama and care for their close friends and those around them.
  9. Heinz- Iron Man
    Both are alcohol enthusiasts and workaholics who shift between serious and joking sides.
  10. Lauryn- Jemma Simmons
    Detail oriented and a mother/teacher figure to others, both try to keep others on their paths, have others learn something new, and reading.
  11. Austin- Deadpool
    Awful jokes, toilet humor and the embodiment of chaos
  12. Me- Danny Phantom
    Both of us try to do the right thing but can also sometimes be part of the problem. Our social skills are also on similar levels. Both of us are scared of our future and can be nervous in the face of tough situations, but eventually get through the situation in better shape than going in.