Inspired by @zeldafitzlauryn
  1. Alternative
    My very first playlist and the first of my genre playlists. I still update this all the time and I listen to it the most. My favorite and most listened to playlist.
  2. Female Leads- Alternative
    Kicking off with Ida Maria, this list has much of the songs from Alternative but with only female singers. Sometimes it's a great change of pace to hear more girl voices than all of the male singers out there
  3. HAIM- Days are Gone
    The first of my full album playlists and one of my favorite albums.
  4. Cage the Elephant-Melophobia
    Another one of my favorite full albums
  5. Hip-Hop/Rap
    I enjoy rap from time to time and this is the collection of songs that I occasionally like to listen to.
  6. Electronic
    I occasionally like EDM and it is especially helpful to listen to while reading my psych textbook
  7. 80's Alternative
    The first wave! The Smiths, Depeche Mode, the Fixx, etc. Most stuff my dad introduced me to
  8. Mass Effect
    I love these games and the musics helps to fully capture the emotion and scope of the galaxy. Jack Wall, Clint Mansell, Sam Hulick, Christopher Lennertz and tons of other made this trilogy very memorable
  9. Halo
    This series is known for its music (monks chanting). Beyond the theme, there are many great songs
  10. Battlefield
    Mostly for the ever changing theme over the years, Bad Company 2 had a very different soundtrack that was wonderful
  11. Call of Duty
    The soundtracks are surprisingly good for the definition of FPS, due to composers like Hans Zimmer, Trent Reznor and Jack Wall
  12. Classic Rock
    Another ever expanding list, I can go into classic rock stages with a great array of songs.
  13. Rock
    Hard and modern rock that doesn't fit the bill for alternative
  14. Pop
    I don't usually listen to pop but I do like a select few songs
  15. Coldplay
    One of my favorite artists growing up and this is just a mess of all of my favorite songs.
  16. Billy Joel
    A necessary list cause he's awesome
  17. Foster the People
    Includes of their songs plus live Spotify sessions. The essential collection of one of my favorite bands
  18. Driving
    Created specifically for when I got my license and car. Feel Good Inc was my first song that I drive to
  19. Tegan and Sara
    My largest playlist of one band. They have so many good songs and I love them so much
  20. Post Boys State Songs 🏛
    The first of my three summer/specific time playlists (denoted by emojis). This is a collection of songs after I attended boys state that I just enjoyed/were the alt songs of the summer.
  21. Pink Floyd
    Another extensive single artist list.
  22. Bo Burnham-what.
    My only non fully music playlist. He's just hilarious and this show was amazing
  23. Flashback
    Songs I listened to as a kid
  24. Crysis
    The intense music of the Ceph infested world of Crysis
  25. Firefly 2015!
    With @franki The amazing collection of the artists at Firefly 2015.
  26. Stories
    Playlists of songs that tell a story throughout their course
  27. Bad Suns- Language and Perspective
    The full album plus 20 Years from the EP. One of my favorite albums ever
  28. Kerfuffle
    Smaller list than Firefly, but still a great collection to get everyone hyped for Kerfuffle 2015
  29. S15🐄
    The second of my summer/time period playlists, this one covered the summer of 2015. Post firefly music, stuff from my senior year and pre-college songs.
  30. ABR
    Stands for Acoustic Balcony Regime. Songs that I thought were possible for the balcony regime to play for an unplugged set.
  31. Atlas Genius-Inanimate Objects
    A truly amazing album that I eventually bought on vinyl.
  32. CHVRCHES-Every Open Eye
    Same as the last one
  33. Twenty One Pilots-Blurryface
    Twenty one pilots are simply amazing and this is just another credit to them.
  34. AMITW/NP/G/L
    Songs from Andrew McMahon and his previous projects, New Politics, the Griswolds, and Lolo that I made to get prepared for seeing them in concert.
  35. YRS/NR
    A playlist I made to get ready for Young Rising Sons and Night Riots for when I saw them in Albany.
  36. 2.0🎺
    My playlist for starting college. Songs that I enjoyed throughout my first semester here. The third of my summer/time period playlists
  37. Firefly 2K16
    w/ @franki This exist now due to the shocking fact that the lineup dropped extremely early. Haven't started listening to it religiously yet like last year's due to the time of year since just feel so early, but I know I'll be listening to this a ton over the coming year