Aka, reasons to not drop out
  1. UPAC Concerts
    Close, fun group that enjoy the same music and put on great shows.
  2. Flying Club
    Talking about planes, flying, traveling around the area. What's not to like? (Other than airsickness)
  3. The Infinity Cafe
    Stuffed French Toast, Oreo Pancakes & anything else you could want. This is easy
  4. Pep Band
    We play great music and are total dicks to the other teams.
  5. On campus Ben and Jerry's
  6. Brown Bag
    Great shakes and open til 4am.
  7. Snowman's Ice Cream
    The best homemade ice cream place I've ever been to.
  8. Abundance of Squirrels
    Everyday I walk to class I pass by at least 5 squirrels scampering on my route and they're very interesting to watch. I could probably train them to attack Emma
  9. Intramural Soccer
    Other than being beat by 7 and losing half the team to injuries, it was a great season
  10. Farmer's Market
    Live music, restaurant stands and actual food to buy, not mode by Sodexo.