1. When somebody answers any of the little blurb things with "Just ask"
    Just answer
  2. Male feminists who love Woody Allen
  3. That one match question that's like "Would you rather be weird or normal?"
    Doctor Who fans always get super annoying about how weirdness makes the world more interesting or whatever
  4. When I was young and naïve I didn't do the Invisible Browsing thing, so I could see everyone who looked at my profile, and this guy at my school looked at my profile like three times in the course of one week and never messaged me and continued to call me Anna whenever he saw me.
  5. Match questions about whether fat people are disgusting
  6. Quickmatch always shows me 30 year olds who live across the country
  7. I've gotten exactly two opening messages where the guy says he wants to punch me in the face
  8. Cool people aren't on it