1. Laser tag
    Fuck this place. It was enormous for no reason, had a McDonalds Play Place (why?) and we spent most of our time at the arcade. The games were so crowded together that there was no place to get a good vantage point of the whole room. One of the campers in my group was an identical twin and I was only 80% sure of the difference between them. I spent two hours running back and forth counting my campers. My supervisor guarded the exit in case someone got kidnapped.
  2. The aquarium
    We rode on a hot bus for an hour there and back only to spend half our time there being forced to be outside. Also, I had to explain my singleness to like the most popular girls in fifth grade. Also, I sat next to this kid on the ride back whose chocolate had melted in her pocket so she was just like licking it off the wrapper.
  3. History of Flight Museum
    It was my fourth day of work and one of my campers played this prank where she convinced me that two campers had gone missing. Not a fan.
  4. Animal sanctuary
    This was chill but I made eye contact with an owl and had absolute certainty that it despised me.
  5. Monster mini golf
    An indoor mini golf thing with scary mannequins and stuff. A few campers were too scared to play, so I supervised them in this separate room and colored with them and taught them how to play Ninja. Most peaceful field trip ever. God bless you, girl with clown phobia.