Grey's Anatomy Doctors, Ranked By Who I Would Trust To Save My Life

  1. 17.
    Every year he makes the shittiest intern do a solo appendectomy because he wants to prove a point to the other interns. He also did a bunch of surgeries while his hand was fucked up for no reason
  2. 16.
    Derek Shepherd (Shepard? Shephard? Fuck off)
    The most talented neurosurgeon on the planet except for when he's feeling angsty and stops showing up to work
  3. 15.
    Richard Webber
    He's been doing paperwork for like ten years so I'm wary
  4. 14.
    April Kepner
    I haven't seen this show in a while tbh but did she fail her boards? It was because she was stressed about losing her virginity though, right? Yeah and she was good otherwise except for when she didn't notice the soot in that woman's throat and she died. Okay I'm like 75% trusting of her. I love her so much though.
  5. 13.
    Lexie Grey
    Okay I love her as a person but I don't remember if she ever got good at surgery or not. She's got photographic memory though so she would probably give some information to the other surgeons that they would use to save my life
  6. 12.
    Owen Hunt
    I actually don't need you to MacGyver my shit up when you have medical supplies like right there, but thanks
  7. 11.
    Jackson Avery
    Pretty solid dude
  8. 10.
    Izzie Stevens
    She always bonds with people before performing their surgeries & I'm a Gemini so I live for chit-chat. Also can we let Katherine Heigl make movies again? I don't care about her beef with Seth Rogen, he annoys me
  9. 9.
    Alex Karev
    I'm not a fetus or a child or pregnant so idk idk idk
  10. 8.
    Cristina Yang
    As long as I don't have one of those life-threatening illnesses that looks like a regular illness, it's all good
  11. 7.
    George O'Malley
    I don't think people are allowed to operate on their spouses so it's a no from me, sorry love
  12. 6.
    Mark Sloan
    I already have borderline personality disorder so there's no downside to having him fix my face after the ferry accident
  13. 5.
    Callie Torres
    I'd be so pissed if I had to have a leg amputated but after she did it I'd be like "Wow that was the right decision thanks Callie"
  14. 4.
    Arizona Robbins
    She yells at surgeons who aren't committed, which I appreciate
  15. 3.
    Meredith Grey
    Honestly? She's a peach.
  16. 2.
    Addison Montgomery
  17. 1.
    Miranda Bailey