1. When I felt so real & alive watching Jennifer Lawrence yell at Bradley Cooper outside the diner in Silver Linings Playbook, but everyone else was like "omg she's crazy"
  2. When I convinced myself I was in purgatory last year
  3. When I saw a man on the street one night at like 8:30 and thought, "He's going to kill me." I was terrified for a minute until we got to a crosswalk and parted ways because he had something to do besides kill me.
  4. Whenever I make out with a guy I shouldn't make out with
  5. Whenever a guy makes a platonic gesture and I jump to the conclusion that he sees me as a sexual object
  6. When I take my meds
  7. When I realize I'm feeling calm and I get super excited about feeling calm
  8. Whenever I do that thing where I'm near tears at school but then somebody says hi to me and I become normal within seconds
  9. Every day when I go into my acting class and my professor asks me if I'm okay & I'm genuinely perplexed
  10. Whenever I'm in public without someone to talk to and I think, "That's it, I'm a loner now, I've got no friends in the whole entire world"
  11. When I get on a scale
  12. When I think about my boobs (AA-cups fyi — that's half the size of an A-cup)
  13. When I talk to sane people