The last thing this poor girl needs is someone else commenting on her life, but I have eight followers so I'm pretty sure it's all good. If you want to read this list but you're unfamiliar with what's going on, a YouTuber named Anna Campbell has a great video on it called I KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MARINA JOYCE.
  1. I've been feeling very protective of Marina since this whole thing happened.
    I never knew who she was before #savemarinajoyce started trending, but I was 100% convinced she was in trouble and would have called the cops, had I lived in England. When I saw Anna Campbell's video, I still felt protective of her, but in a different way.
  2. I can't diagnose anyone, but I'm pretty sure she has schizophrenia.
  3. It seems like the natural thing would be to feel some sort of empathy for this girl. You know, because she's suffering from an illness that has been broadcast to millions of people.
    Imagine if you had hallucinations and delusions and millions of people watched you slowly progress further and further into incoherence over months of YouTube vlogs.
  4. Lots of YouTubers have made their own videos weighing in on the situation, and very few have featured anything resembling compassion.
    Mostly, it's jokes, either at Marina's expense or her audience's expense. You know, cuz there's no reason to worry about her well-being when she says she died, visited the afterlife, and has a plan to stop animals from dying. We can just make fun of people who were concerned about her, or we can make fun of her, because that's cool.
  5. People are saying she pretended to do this as a publicity stunt.
    Because the idea that a nineteen year old girl decided to sabotage her own YouTube channel, slowly, and also happened to secretly be a world-class actress, is more believable than a mental illness. The people posting videos to make fun of her aren't in it for a piece of that publicity at all, though.
  6. Other people are saying she's a drug addict.
    Cuz those guys are the worst of the worst and not suffering from an illness either
  7. The Sun posted an article about #savemarinajoyce saying that people thought she had been kidnapped by ISIS.
    I'm telling you, I got about three hours of sleep the night that this all went down because I was compulsively checking Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, and I saw like two people mention ISIS. The dominant theory was absolutely not ISIS and The Sun is sensationalistic garbage.
  8. The Sun also interviewed her and published a quote that was like, "I'm really grateful to have gotten more subscribers on my YouTube channel," because it's totally ethical to print that.
    She's clearly not in her right mind. They had to know this would provoke rumors about the whole thing being a stunt.
  9. It seems like the internet (mostly on Twitter and YouTube) made a very radical shift in the span of, like, 48 hours.
    Everyone wanted to save Marina Joyce, but now Marina Joyce ought to be protected from those same people.
  10. People have been tweeting at her saying that she should kill herself, that she's a horrible person, that she's money-hungry.
  11. People are making jokes at her expense that she retweets because she doesn't understand them.
    She did an interview with Philip DeFranco where it slowly became clear that she didn't see how unsettling her behavior had been, and she thought people were laughing with her, not at her. She also thought that #savemarinajoyce was a publicity stunt by her fans to get her more followers because she didn't think she had been acting strangely.
  12. Throughout all of this, all she does is tweet about how she wants to be a force of love in the world, and in her videos she goes on and on about how much she loves her viewers.
  13. I don't understand why people feel okay taking out their aggression on this girl.
  14. Invest in a diary. Punch a pillow. Whatever is burning inside you, it has led you to behave like a monster toward a vulnerable and kind girl on the internet.
    You should be nice to people no matter how you know them, but it is really so easy to avoid someone online.
  15. Marina Joyce is a real person. She is not the personification of vanity, stupidity, or whatever else you want to project onto her.
  16. She's just trying to do what she loves.
  17. Have some fucking compassion.
  18. I never want to see anything like this again.
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