But I deleted his number. (sexual harassment tw)
  1. Remember when you said you could sue me for slander because I wrote an essay about how much I loved you and shared it with my creative writing class?
  2. I'm still afraid of you.
  3. I've resisted temptation to write anything else about you but that doesn't mean I don't have nightmares where you don't even do anything but just the fact that you're there scares me
  4. I spent hours on FaceTime with you and didn't hang up until sunrise because you thought that if I did, it would mean I hated you. When my mental illness was inconvenient for your favorite method of showing affection, you lashed out at me.
  5. I know you're gay. I still hated it when you talked about eating me out. I told you to stop talking about it and you kept going, and I said stop again, and you said, "I bet you'll never trust me again."
  6. I needed you to comfort me. I was hurt and vulnerable. I was crying.
  7. I said I needed time away from you because you wouldn't stop talking about having sex with me and it was making me upset. You said that if I was willing to end our friendship over this, then that was pretty unfair. It was unfair, but you were the one who decided it was the end.
  8. Why did you think I did any of it out of spite?
  9. If you had been nice to me, I would have stayed.
  10. I don't know what else I was supposed to do.
  11. I hate you a lot. I still love you a little bit, but I can never ever give you that love.
  12. Why did you block me on Facebook lol